Video type descriptions:
AMV – Anime Music Video – A video combining video from anime series or movies and music to create a music video.
CMV – Comic Music Video – A video using still panels of a comic strip as its video source.
Contest Opening – A video created as the opening to a convention’s contest screening.
FMV – Fan Music Video – A video where the source is animated content from non-anime series or movies.
IC – Iron Chef – A video created in a very short time span, usually 2-3 hours.
LAMV – Live Action Music Video – A video where the source is live-action content.
MEP – Multi-Editor Project – A video created as a component of a larger work made by multiple editors.
Original Short – A video created with its video source original to the video, like a short film.
PE – Project Editor – Videos created in a short period, usually one week, answering a specific theme prompt. Named for the first event that ran this way, this now includes videos made for Project Editor, Project OrgEditor, and Shabu Showdown, among others.

2001-06-30AMVBig in Japan
2001-07-12AMVThe Warrior
2001-07-25AMVRouge’s Prayer
2001-08-07AMVShina the Uptown Girl
2001-08-07AMVHikaru’s Quest
2001-12-19AMVTo the Edge, To Heaven
2002-02-04AMVCitius, Artius, Fortius
2002-07-12AMVWorld of Alex & Luna
2003-01-12AMVGods and Mortals
2003-06-13AMVDreams and Dreamseers
2003-11-08AMVAs Mahoro Sleeps
2004-02-13AMVGummi Tanuki
2004-02-27CMVIsn’t That Love?
2004-07-30AMVNot What You See
2005-08-19AMVAd Caelum
2005-05-01MEPBetamax Project Track 43
2006-02-26AMVDreams of the Stars
2006-06-08MEPAMV Hell: CE Segments
2006-07-07AMVMagical Barrage
2006-11-03AMVUnder the Stars
2007-04-20AMVDesigns by Daidouji
2007-05-11AMVAzu Heart
2007-08-17AMVA Kanon Carol
2007-10-10ICInterpersonal Communication
2008-03-21AMVRight Here
2008-05-16AMVWing and a Prayer
2008-08-22AMVLive at Budokan
2008-10-18AMV58,500 Heartbeats
2008-10-06MEPBig Hair, Denim Jackets, And Rock & Roll
2008-10-18ICAAC Extreme Iron Editor
2008-10-25MEPShoop Da Koop!
2008-11-14MEPThe ngsilver Birthday Dance Hall Bash
2009-01-30AMVFugue of Fists and Feet
2009-01-30AMVPetals of Glass
2009-09-18AMVFocal Perspective
2009-10-02AMVBright Journeys
2009-11-20PEShoryuken? Sure You Can!
2009-11-21ICAAC 2009 Extreme Iron Editor
2010-04-02AMVThe Outer Sky
2010-06-27PEBeware of Wild Animals (Even the Cute Baby Ones)
2010-07-02PEDedicated to Arashinome
2010-07-09FMVAvatar: The Last Rainforest
2010-07-10PETides of Battle
2010-07-19PETrolling Hayate
2010-07-30PELeave a Final Work Behind
2010-08-07PESurvivor’s Guilt
2010-08-19PEThe Grand Fleet
2010-11-16ICAAC 2010 Extreme Iron Editor
2011-03-08AMVRaiyuki (10th Anniversary Project)
2011-04-09ICSave the Girl
2011-04-10ICIron Chef Idol 4: The X-Files
2011-04-22AMVGrounded With a Gundam
2011-06-07PEOrg Ad
2011-06-16PEOperation Revolver
2011-06-26PEChow Down!
2011-07-08LAMVEducation Through Pyrotechnics
2011-10-14AMVMountains of Love
2011-10-14ICDemo Workshop Speedrun
2011-10-15ICAAC 2011 Extreme Iron Editor
2011-10-21ICBakuretsucon 2011 Iron Editor
2012-04-06AMVA Life Well Lived
2012-07-13AMVThe Beautiful Game
2012-09-28FMVThe Mark of Crom Cruach
2012-09-28FMVSpeed Reading
2012-10-10Original ShortWhat Would You Do for a Box of Pocky?
2012-10-19AMVInflantes, Magicae Draconem
2012-10-28ICBakuretsu Con 2012 Analog Iron Chef
2013-02-05ICCDVV Iron Chef – Dare Mighty Things
2013-05-24Contest Opening2013 Anime Boston AMV Contest Opening
2013-09-27AMVChoose Your Own AMV
2013-10-25Original ShortMaintenance
2014-03-21Contest Opening2014 Anime Boston AMV Contest Opening
2015-04-03Contest Opening2015 Anime Boston AMV Contest Opening
2016-03-25Contest Opening2016 Anime Boston AMV Contest Opening
2016-09-29AMVZ-Axis Intersection
2017-03-31Contest Opening2017 Anime Boston AMV Contest Opening
2017-11-11MEPBashar Birthday MEP
2018-03-30Contest Opening2018 Anime Boston AMV Contest Opening
2018-09-20LAMVThe Best Game You Can Name
2019-04-19Contest Opening2019 Anime Boston AMV Contest Opening
2019-08-09AMVDay of Flight
2019-08-09AMVInflection Point
2019-10-30AMVInner Dialogue
2020-10-16PE…And Fancy Free
2020-10-23PEDragon Slayer
2020-10-29PE‘Tis the Season
2020-11-02PEA Whistlestop Tour
2020-11-09AMVFour Footed Family
2021-02-15AMVUnwarranted Optimism
2021-03-07ICSaying Goodbye
2021-04-04ICRun of Battle
2021-07-16ICThe Great Competition of 4999
2021-07-30ICOnly the Good Times
2021-10-31Original ShortProjects From Quarantine
2022-02-28LAMVTrepidations of Regeneration
2022-05-27Contest Opening2022 Anime Boston AMV Contest Opening
2022-07-15AMVA Princely Fight
2022-10-30AMVWaveform Manipulation
2022-10-30AMVThe Daily Grind
2022-11-07PEHaving the Whip Hand (Project OrgEditor 2022 Round 1)
2022-11-14PETo Whom The Forests Speak (Project OrgEditor 2022 Round 2)
2022-11-21PEHigh School Best Friends (Project OrgEditor 2022 Round 3)
2022-12-04PELineage of Ancient Power (Project OrgEditor 2022 Round 4)
2022-12-11PELife’s Natural 1’s (Project OrgEditor 2022 Round 5)
2022-12-18PETo Infinity (Project OrgEditor 2022 Round 6)
2023-02-16LAMVThe Power of Green
2023-04-07Contest Opening2023 Anime Boston AMV Contest Opening
2023-08-26AMVNever Too Late
2023-10-29FMVTrí Scéal
2023-10-29AMVHypotrochoids and Epitrochoids
2023-11-08PEVisions of Disaster (Shabu Showdown 2023 Week 1)
2023-11-15PEThe Lives and Times of Dirk the Daring (Shabu Showdown 2023 Week 2)
2023-11-22PEBeyond the Shire (Shabu Showdown 2023 Week 3)
2023-12-01PEHinako’s Lullaby (Shabu Showdown 2023 Week 4)
2024-02-10AMVBurning Rubber
2024-02-10AMVParallel Valleys
2024-02-10AMVThe Hero We Need
2024-03-21Contest Opening2024 Anime Boston AMV Contest Opening