I owe this one entirely to attending They Might Be Giants’ 32nd Anniversary of Flood concert a few weeks before the AWA deadline. While I’ve owned a copy of the album for many years, I had completely forgotten the song Minimum Wage existed until they played it at the concert. The idea of using The Devil is a Part-Timer popped into my head as I was trying to think of a quick video idea I could do if I didn’t think I could finish my other AWA project (Waveform Manipulation) before the deadline.

I actually ended up finishing Waveform Manipulation a day before the deadline, so I decided I’d give speedrunning editing this idea a shot, and managed to knock it together just in time to submit.

I was a bit hampered by the lack of available footage – I only had the first season to work with, and there were a lot fewer scenes of the characters in the restaurant than I remembered there being, but since the song is so short, it ended up working out all right.

A bit of silly fun, a few people really liked it, but it ended up not making the finals in any categories.

Anime – The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 1
Music – They Might Be Giants – Minimum Wage
Completed October 2022

AnimeMusicVideos.org Link
YouTube Link

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