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Blowing off the dust

Has it really been eight years since I last updated here? That's both amazing and embarrassing.

Even more embarrassing, it took an email about old PHP support being deprecated by my host to get me looking at this again. That led to me to find out that the theme I had been using hasn't been updated since 2016 and was starting to throw errors as other versions of things updated, hence the new theme and layout (which will change as I hunt for something better than "it works for now").

Life really finds a way of eating all your time, clearly.

Since the last update, I've had a lot happen, and my editing has slowed down quite a bit. Here's a quick rundown of some of what's been going on for me over the last eight years:

  • Edited:
    • 8 full AMVs
    • 2 Iron Chefs
    • 2 MEP segments
    • 1 LAMV
    • 7 AMV Contest Openings
  • Started staffing anime conventions.
    • Bakuretsu Con
      • AMV Contest Coordinator 2014-present
    • Anime Boston
      • AMV Contest Coordinator 2016-present
      • Assistant AMV Contest Coordinator 2014-15
      • Tech Department Special Projects 2013
    • Another Anime Convention
      • AMV Contest Coordinator 2017-18
      • Fan Creations Staff 2013-16
    • AAC Summer Matsuri
      • Fan Creations Staff 2013-17
    • Tekkoshocon
      • AMV Staff 2012
    • Sakuracon
      • AMV Staff 2013-14
  • Had three different surgeries for various ailments
  • Changed jobs
  • Moved twice
  • Visited seven states, two provinces, and three countries (Ireland, Great Britain, and Japan) that I'd never been to before
  • Got married
  • Picked up photography and playing hockey as new hobbies (I may post some of the photos here as well)

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting the new videos both here and on YouTube (many of them are already uploaded privately, I just have to update all of the titles and descriptions, and deal with copyright mutes), and will also be updating most of my older videos with YouTube links.

Lots of updates, new project

Real life kind of reared up and bit me, so I didn't get a chance to update this site for quite a while.

I've finally gotten around to it and posted all the videos I've made in the last two years, including:
6 AMVs
1 AMV from Hyoushou Productions
8 Iron Chef Videos
2 Non-anime Music Videos
12 videos from Project Editor

I've also posted the initial version of a project I've been working on for the last few months, OSx264GUI. It's an x264 frontend for OS X and a counterpart to Zarxrax's Zarx264GUI on Windows.