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IC: Another Anime Con 2011 EXTREME Iron Editor

Anime - Various Song - the HIATUS - Betelgeuse no Akari Completed October 2011 Premiered October 15, 2011 link This was the runner-up video in the AAC '11 Extreme Iron Editor contest. I can't remember all of the challenges that were thrown at us; the one that sticks out was having to roll a d20 and add that many lens flares to the video. We rolled a 15, and there are 17 in the video.

IC: Demo Workshop Speedrun

Anime - Various Song - Two Steps From Hell - Dragon Rider Completed October 2011 Premiered October 14, 2011 link At Another Anime Convention 2011, OtakuForLife ran a workshop on AMVs and asked for people to bring betas for critique. Having nothing in progress at the time, and fearing that no one would be bringing anything, I spent about an hour and 45 minutes throwing together a short video with the sources I had on my hard drive for an Iron Chef match the next week. There's a lot of problems with it, given the short period it was put together in, but I kind of like it. It got a decent reaction at the workshop, too. I like the idea, and may revisit it as a whole video someday, using the rest of the series that I didn't have available at the time.

AMV: Mountains of Love

Anime - Heidi, Girl of the Alps Song - Edison Lighthouse - Love Grows Completed September 2011 Premiered October 14, 2011 link This video was specifically made for the Theme category of Another Anime Con 2011, which was "70's Soul Train." Finding a source from the 1970's on DVD was difficult, since so few of them have enough nostalgia strength to get rereleased, and I was considering tracking down the Original Gundam DVDs before stumbling across Heidi. The song was a lot simpler, as I had a collection of 70's hits on CD from a previous project that didn't see completion, but several of the songs had potential. When I actually started planning it, I only scanned through the first two DVDs before deciding to make a romance video between Heidi and Peter. Not having read the book, I was completely unaware of Klara's later appearance or how large her role would become, so editing around her became more difficult as the video went along. Overall, this was a silly little romance video that came off decently, and ended up winning the category.

Project OrgEditor Round 4: Collaboration

Anime - Various Song - Kurt Schneider & Sam Tsui - Summer Pop Medley Completed July 2011 Premiered July 14, 2011 link This was a collaboration between me and Replay Studios for the fourth round of Project OrgEditor. After deciding that we wanted to use a mashup song, Replay found the one we eventually decided on, and we came up with the overarching theme of "Summer" for the whole video, using a different anime for each segment. Replay edited the odd segments, and I edited the evens. This video finished fourth in the round and saw both of us eliminated.

LAMV: Education Through Pyrotechnics

Source - Mythbusters Song - Oingo Boingo - Weird Science Completed June 2011 Premiered July 8, 2011 This was a silly idea that I'm surprised hadn't been done before (at least that I found in my quick search at the time), and pretty much sums up what makes Mythbusters so much fun: Making things go BOOM. This was a finalist at Connecticon 2011 and won Best Live Action at AWA Pro 2011.

Project OrgEditor Round 3: Chow Down!

Anime - Various Song - Parry Gripp - Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Completed June 2011 Premiered June 26, 2011 link This was my video for the third round of the 2011 edition of Project OrgEditor. The round's theme was "7-7-7" and we had to illustrate one of the Seven Deadly Sins or Seven Heavenly Virtues. The sins are a lot more fun and a lot more concrete than the virtues, so I decided to go with Gluttony. I remember hearing Parry Gripp's Nom song in one of the AMV Hells, and thought it'd be an easy, silly, fun video. I ended up raiding my entire collection of disks for potential clips, and even hitting up several friends for other shots. Overall, this was a lot of fun to make, and came in third in a round of 13 videos.

Project OrgEditor Round 2: Operation Revolver

Anime - Various Song - Various Completed June 2011 Premiered June 16, 2011 link This was my video for the second round of Project OrgEditor's 2011 edition. The theme for the round was "After Story" and we were to show a conclusion, and then a continuation of a story. I decided to make something like the opening of a sequel to a game, which led to the game's "title" of "Operation Revolver: The Second Chamber." I completely ignored the storylines from the original series, and assigned each of the characters new roles for their earlier exploits, ten years ago in-story, and then moving on in a "Where Are They Now" type of montage. With the two younger girls, not having any scenes of them looking older, I decided to ramp up the "drama" factor by killing them off, one gloriously in battle, one after a depressive spiral. In retrospect, it was a bad decision to rely so much on text to tell the story, but by the time I realized that, it was too late to change the concept before the deadline. It ended up finishing 11th out of 15 videos, though one judge knocked it heavily because they hadn't seen the original series and thought understanding the original plots was necessary for understanding the video.

Project OrgEditor Round 1: Org Ad

Anime - Various Song - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha OST - Drive Ignition Completed June 2011 Premiered June 7, 2011 link This was my video for the first round of the 2011 edition of Project Editor. The theme for the round was "Home Sweet Home" and we were to create an ad for the site we considered "home." As the Org is most certainly my AMV home, I decided to go with a fairly standard 30-second advertisement focusing on things the Org had to offer. I deliberately chose previous Project Editor-related pages on the Org as illustrations, including the coordinator - Code's user page, the page for Ileia's Finals-winning video RAH HEY!, and the stream of one of my favorite videos from the previous competition, Kitsuner's Deadlines. It was kind of dry and boring, and finished 11th in a round of 24 videos.

IC: Online Iron Chef 4.0 Round 2 – Experimentation

Anime - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st Song - Richard Cheese - Fell In Love With a Girl Completed May 2011 Premiered May 14, 2011 link This was my video for the second round of Brad's Online Iron Chef Tournament 4, from my match against Ileia. This was a very different song from what I expected, but I think I managed a decent silly romance video out of it, focusing on the only male character in the movie with significant screen time. I unfortunately lost this match to Ileia's spectacular video.