After the previous week, I was planning to use a source I knew, but when the theme “Extraordinary Voyages” got announced, and specifically referenced Jules Verne in the challenge, my mind immediately went to another show I owned but hadn’t watched yet, Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. Thankfully, it was only 39 episodes to scrub instead of close to 200, but it still took a decent amount of time. I went back to the Two Steps From Hell well yet again (third time in six rounds) for the audio, because “Beyond the Horizon” fit the tone of epic exploration so well.

Overall, a solid effort that scored fairly well, and it definitely moved Nadia up my backlog to-watch list, so I can see the context of some of those wacky scenes I found while scrubbing.

Anime – Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
Music – Two Steps From Hell – Beyond the Horizon
Completed December 2022 Link
YouTube Link

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