Category: Award Winner

AMV: Mountains of Love

Anime - Heidi, Girl of the Alps Song - Edison Lighthouse - Love Grows Completed September 2011 Premiered October 14, 2011 link This video was specifically made for the Theme category of Another Anime Con 2011, which was "70's Soul Train." Finding a source from the 1970's on DVD was difficult, since so few of them have enough nostalgia strength to get rereleased, and I was considering tracking down the Original Gundam DVDs before stumbling across Heidi. The song was a lot simpler, as I had a collection of 70's hits on CD from a previous project that didn't see completion, but several of the songs had potential. When I actually started planning it, I only scanned through the first two DVDs before deciding to make a romance video between Heidi and Peter. Not having read the book, I was completely unaware of Klara's later appearance or how large her role would become, so editing around her became more difficult as the video went along. Overall, this was a silly little romance video that came off decently, and ended up winning the category.

LAMV: Education Through Pyrotechnics

Source - Mythbusters Song - Oingo Boingo - Weird Science Completed June 2011 Premiered July 8, 2011 This was a silly idea that I'm surprised hadn't been done before (at least that I found in my quick search at the time), and pretty much sums up what makes Mythbusters so much fun: Making things go BOOM. This was a finalist at Connecticon 2011 and won Best Live Action at AWA Pro 2011.

AMV: Naptime

Anime - Sleeping With Hinako Song - Joe Raposo - Everybody Sleeps Completed June 2010 Premiered September 16, 2010 link This one popped out of a silly conversation in #AMV. Kitsuner and inthesto were talking about how bad a source Sleeping With Hinako was, and how everyone should make a SWH video for AWA Pro. I was about to toss out "Isn't there an old rock ballad that goes something like 'Everybody Sleeps' or something like that?" but decided to look it up first to avoid looking silly. Then I found the old Sesame Street song by the same title (and never did find the rock ballad, so I must have misremembered). I immediately started tossing the video together, and planned to send it to Expo, since I was working on two other ideas for Pro. Unfortunately, some of my Pro ideas fell through in the editing stage, so this one ended up going to Pro as well. I think it was pretty badly hurt by being the last of four SWH videos in Pro, but someone had to be. All in all, silly and without a real point, but fun to do. This video won Best Fun/Upbeat/Other at Bakuretsucon 2010.

AMV: The Outer Sky

Anime - Wings of Honneamise Song - John Rubinstein - Corner of the Sky Completed February 2010 Premiered April 2, 2010 link When Anime Boston announced that the 2010 contest would be in HD, I only owned three anime Blu-Ray disks, so my selection of sources was a bit limited. I had just watched Wings of Honneamise the week before, so I settled on that very quickly. The song was a bit harder, but dumb luck in picking up a secondhand copy of the soundtrack to Pippen and hearing "Corner of the Sky" got me thinking about flying and the hurdles that Shitotsugh and his Space Navy compatriots overcame to get into space. I deliberately focused on the flying and his relationship with Requinni and cut out as much of the actual combat of the last act as I could, preferring to keep up the hopeful tone of the song. Conventions: Finalist at Anime Boston 2010 Winner, Best Character Profile - AWA Expo 2010

Project: Editor 2 – Round 2: Shoryuken? Sure You Can!

Anime - Various Song - BUS STOP feat. Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting Completed October 2009 Premiered November 20, 2009 link This was my Project: Editor 2 Round 2 video. The theme of the round was "Word Association," and the word I was given was "Shoryuken." I originally thought of using the Street Fighter Anime, but I don't own it, and figured it would be a bit of a cop-out, so I went to the original source: the games. Which led to the people that play the games, and my hunt for scenes of characters playing video games. "Kung Fu Fighting" felt like a very appropriate song, and the BUS STOP version that was included in the original DDR was the perfect length. Thanks to my friend Adam for being Player 2 in the screen captures, and to Kit for pointing out I screwed up the original capture of the Playstation footage. Also thanks to mirkosp, godix, Kit, G_Q, MeteorDragon, and ngsilver for making suggestions on where to find scenes that might work. This received a "So Much Win" award from Code in the P:E thread, and also won Best Fun/Upbeat/Etc. at its con debut at AAC 09.

AMV: Focal Perspective

Anime - Various Song - Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot Chapter 1: You Are Here (excerpt) & Dana Cunningham - The Color of Light Completed July 2009 Premiered September 18, 2009 link I really can't say much about the content for this one, since I'm not sure I have the words to say it right. Mr. Sagan will just have to speak for me. On a technical level, my goal was to not use any series more than once, but time pressure (this was actually finished during the two-day FTP upload window) forced me to use a few twice (I think there's four or five that are repeated). I'm really proud of this one, and I'm glad that people have said they liked it. Thanks for watching. Contest History: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009: Pro Contest - Finalist, Best Artistic Endeavor category Kurokiiro 2009 - Finalist Another Anime Con 2009 - Entrant Bakuretsucon 2009 - Finalist Youmacon 2009 - Winner, Best of Show

AMV: Live at Budokan

Anime - Various Song - Def Leppard - Rock of Ages Completed June 2008 Premiered August 22, 2008 link As far back as my first full-length video, Big in Japan, I've wanted to do something like this, with as much concert footage as possible jammed into a single video. The idea went through at least ten different songs paired with it, and I actually started working on something using Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover" to all guitar footage before realizing how boringly repetitive and low-energy what I was creating was (plus the need to sync so much guitar movement was a serious pain for the tiny benefit it gained). I scrapped the idea, but for some reason kept all of the ripped DVDs on my hard drive for a couple months. Meanwhile, I picked up Def Leppard's "Vault" album after hearing a couple of their songs on the radio and liking them. The song "Rock of Ages" just jumped out at me, and I started gathering even more footage to work with, since so much of what I had already pulled together was guitar-focused. During this time, I was helped immensely by Val and Kim, who lent me several DVDs that I ended up using, as well as recommendations for series to look in from Meteor Dragon (thanks especially for the BECK recommendation), GloryQuestor, ngsilver, Kionon, and Kitsuner. I also have to extend immense thanks to ZephyrStar for allowing me to use (and providing lossless copies of) the scenes of Yotsuba playing the guitar from his incredible Daydream video. There were also quite a few series I had that didn't end up in the final video, for whatever reasons, especially Idol Defense Force Hummingbird and Perfect Blue. Technical: Probably the most problematic footage of what I actually ended up using was from the Zillion: Burning Night OVA, which came from a VHS tape, as no DVD of the show exists, even in Japan. I ended up playing the tape in an SVHS deck, recording it onto a MiniDV deck, then importing from the MiniDV tape to the computer, and finally running it through a metric ton of AviSynth filters to clean it up (the final script ran at about 0.7 fps). The rest of the footage was pretty easy to work with by comparison, though several of the DVDs I was working with exhibited ugly frame blending, which I was sucessfully able to fix in some cases, not so well in others, but the result still looks fairly good. Other than a little bit of lip and instrument sync, the most complex effect in the video is an additive dissolve, so the goal of a simpler-looking old-school video was achieved. Contest Participation: AnimeEvolution 2008 - Entered Anime Weekend Atlanta 2008: Pro Competition - Finalist for "Best Various" Another Anime Con 2008 - Finalist Bakuretsucon 2008 - Finalist Youmacon 2008 - Winner, Staff Pick