Category: Award Winner

IC: Interpersonal Communication

Anime - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Song - Coldpay - Don't Panic Completed October 2007 Premiered October 10, 2007 link My video from the Online Iron Chef Tournament 3.0 Round 1, which lost to Douggie. Not really a fan of the song, but the video didn't come out too badly. I gave it a title when it got sent to Youmacon in response to ngsilver's begging for entries. The title means nothing, it's just a pair of words that sound relevant and form the initials "IC." Convention History: Youmacon 2007 - Winner, "Most Orignal" Bakuretsucon 2007 - Finalist

AMV: Designs by Daidouji

Anime - Card Captor Sakura Song - Lazytown Soundtrack - Step By Step Completed February 2007 Premiered April 20, 2007 link This idea came to me while I was digging through my short songs looking for something that might have fit the "Magical and Musical" magical girl MEP. I ended up not joining the project, but the song paired with CCS stuck in my head. The overall idea was to showcase Tomoyo's contributions to Sakura's adventures, which mostly consist of costumes and videotape. The main realization I came to while going through the series: Tomoyo is a really creepy girl at times. Technical Ripped/filtered on my Windows desktop, edited in FCP on my Mac laptop. Digital effects came out in force for this one, especially the opening sequence, which took twelve video layers, and I'm quite proud of how it came out. Each of the "Hollywood Squares"-type also have their own internal linking theme, if you look for it. Convention History: Anime Boston 2007 - Finalist Toracon 2007 - Winner, Sports/Romance/Other AnimeEvolution 2007 - Finalist Bakuretsucon 2007 - Finalist

AMV: Gummi Tanuki

Anime - Pom Poko Song - Michael & Patty Silversher - Gummi Bears Theme Song Completed December 2003 Premiered February 13, 2004 link The blame for this one lies squarely on sleep deprivation, too much sugar, and Richard "Pocky" Kim's performance at Katsucon 9. A few months after Katsu, immediately after our finals finished, two friends and I sat down to bounce AMV ideas off of each other, while we played songs in the background. When someone dropped this CD into the player (we're still not sure who did), we remembered Pocky's bouncing onstage to this song at the cosplay. I had the "bright" idea of doing a video to this song to torment poor, long-suffering Pocky with at the next Katsucon. After much laughter, we moved on to other ideas, but I hung onto the image of the ubiquitous con personality bouncing on stage in the back of my mind, and decided to actually do it. The first order of business was to decide what anime to use. I rejected several ideas (Chibi Goddesses, Record of Lodoss War (SD segments), and other similarly cute shows) before I stumbled across the Ghibli classic Pom Poko in the anime club library, which was due for a R2 DVD release very shortly. The DVD was preordered in short order (Hey, you can never have too much Ghibli). Unfortunately, the other piece of footage that I desperately wanted to include was not available, as the copy of it that I asked the Katsu con chair for got lost en route to me. Having the actual scene of Pocky at K9 in the video would have been wonderful, and I actually created an edited version of the song specifically to include that five seconds of his embarrasment. ^_^ Then came my final class, graduation, and moving back to my home state, along with applying to graduate school, so the video simmered on the back burner until I finally sat down to edit the video in mid-November. As to the actual editing, I decided to not use any digital effects, since I had little enough time to edit the video already, and the fact the they were largely unnecessary to the video. So the only effects in this video are cuts and crossfades, with a very few clips slowed down to about 85% speed to fit a lyric. I also had to choose whether to cut the song before the instrumental, or to do the entire song. I tried both ways, and eventually decided to keep what I thought was a fairly weak instrumental section because I liked the way the final vocal segment looked. In particular, I liked the final clip, (Actually not from the movie, but from the trailers on Disk 2) which makes the video look a little like a real opening with a title card at the end. Convention History: Katsucon 10 - Winner, Judge's Award AnimeEvolution 2004 - Winner, Best Fun/Upbeat Bakuretsucon 2004 - Entrant

AMV: Gods and Mortals

Anime - Ah! My Goddess (OVA & Movie) Song - Styx - Show Me the Way Completed November 2002 Premiered January 12, 2003 link When inspiration strikes, sometimes you don't have the resources to run with it. That was the way this video started out, as I was listening to my older brother's CD collection for something interesting while at home for the end of summer break. The idea struck halfway through the first verse, and simmered there until I could get back to my apartment at college and start in on it. I actually had to rebuild the project twice during the month and a half I spent between classes creating this video, both times because I had ripped the movie footage in the wrong aspect ratio. The instrumentals of this one are, hands down, the weakest part of the video. I'm still not completely happy with several of them, though the long one in the middle of the song, which shows every character in the series I'm fairly proud of. This video is also the first video since Corbies that I extensively used digital effects, and I like to think that they worked quite well in the video. I originally planned to debut this video at NekoCon V, which would have been my 1-year anniversary of submitting videos to cons (Rouge's Prayer at NekoCon FLASH), but somewhere between them being received and the compilation of the contest tape, it got lost, so I decided to keep it under wraps until Ohayocon two months later. At the urging of a friend of mine who was going to AnimeEvolution, I sent this video there as well. Convention History: Ohayocon 3 - Winner, Best Drama AnimeEvolution 2003 - Winner, Best Drama/Romance; Best Artistic; Judge's Best Overall