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Project OrgEditor Round 1: Org Ad

Anime - Various Song - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha OST - Drive Ignition Completed June 2011 Premiered June 7, 2011 link This was my video for the first round of the 2011 edition of Project Editor. The theme for the round was "Home Sweet Home" and we were to create an ad for the site we considered "home." As the Org is most certainly my AMV home, I decided to go with a fairly standard 30-second advertisement focusing on things the Org had to offer. I deliberately chose previous Project Editor-related pages on the Org as illustrations, including the coordinator - Code's user page, the page for Ileia's Finals-winning video RAH HEY!, and the stream of one of my favorite videos from the previous competition, Kitsuner's Deadlines. It was kind of dry and boring, and finished 11th in a round of 24 videos.