This was a silly semi-troll video I made in the last day before AWA Pro 2022’s deadline.

I was inspired by a combination of the projector music box in the ending sequence from Sailor Moon R and the music box version of the theme from the PlayStation version of Chrono Trigger.

I bought a generic lift-top box from a craft store and created a wood-texture image of the Chrono Trigger logo in PhotoShop to print out and place in the box lid to serve as the “music box.”

The winding of the “box” was mimed, with the sound effect recorded from an actual music box I own.

Because the lid opened flat, I had to hide something behind the box to hold the lid about vertical after setting it on the table, so the reason my hands went out of frame after setting the box down was to hide the cut bit of video showing me place that brace behind the box before pulling my hands out of frame again. One the box was open, I left it open long enough for the song to play before closing it again.

Then I placed a deliberately low-quality pico projector on the table in place of the box and recorded it showing the animated loop of images from the game from the same camera position.

Once I had both sequences, it was a fairly simple task to mask the two pieces together. I did discover that at one point, I had accidentally leaned too far forward and my head had gotten in frame, but thankfully a second mask was able to hide that.

Since Pro is supposed to be blind, I even went so far as to take off my watch and wedding ring to hide my identity a bit better.

People in Pro were curious if the box was actually a projector or not, so this served its purpose. Probably not something I’ll try again very soon, though.

Video – Original Short, Chrono Trigger PS1
Audio – Yasunori Mitsuda – Chrono and Marle (Arranged Version 1) (from Chrono Trigger)
Completed September 2021

YouTube Link

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