Anime – Sleeping With Hinako
Song – Joe Raposo – Everybody Sleeps
Completed June 2010
Premiered September 16, 2010 Link
YouTube Link

This one popped out of a silly conversation in #AMV. Kitsuner and inthesto were talking about how bad a source Sleeping With Hinako was, and how everyone should make a SWH video for AWA Pro. I was about to toss out “Isn’t there an old rock ballad that goes something like ‘Everybody Sleeps’ or something like that?” but decided to look it up first to avoid looking silly.

Then I found the old Sesame Street song by the same title (and never did find the rock ballad, so I must have misremembered). I immediately started tossing the video together, and planned to send it to Expo, since I was working on two other ideas for Pro. Unfortunately, some of my Pro ideas fell through in the editing stage, so this one ended up going to Pro as well. I think it was pretty badly hurt by being the last of four SWH videos in Pro, but someone had to be.

All in all, silly and without a real point, but fun to do.

This video won Best Fun/Upbeat/Other at Bakuretsucon 2010.

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