Anime – Various
Song – Neil Norman – Amazing Stories Main Theme
Completed August 2010
Premiered August 19, 2010 Link
YouTube Link

This was my entry in the Project NeoEditor bonus round, and finished first among the three entries submitted.

Space Opera has been one of my favorite genres for a long time, and I wanted to pull in several different sources. Since the theme was to go from “slice of life” to “adventure,” I decided on using Haruhi as a framing device, especially the Day of Saggitarius episode. The other sources were pretty much determined by “what do I have that’s both space opera with BIG FLEETS that’s also widescreen?”

The music was inspired by a rather old Kusoyaro/RYS collaboration Amazing Stories, which I saw and loved the music to, since I never saw the series it was the theme to. The version I used is a slightly slower-paced version (1:10 from originally 1:03) from a collection of Sci-Fi theme songs.

I had fun with this one, and I want to combine several great fleets in combat against each other again sometime.

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