The theme for the final round of Shabu Showdown was “Seven Deadly Sins,” and I needed “Broadway Musical” on my bingo card to complete the double bingo, so I started looking for songs that could fit. Sleeping With Hinako had come up in conversation a few days before and I thought it would be amusing to use again, so I settled on Sloth as my sin pretty early. I was looking for lullabies or songs about sleeping and found Sylvia’s Lullaby from Finding Neverland that felt like it’d work pretty well.

I did also have footage from Training With Hinako or Bathing With Hinako available, but neither of them ended up having any scenes that fit.

All in all, it was a fun little edit, but it did feel pretty similar to my video Naptime from back in 2010.

Video – Sleeping With Hinako
Audio – Laura Michelle Kelly – Sylvia’s Lullaby (from Finding Neverland)
Completed December 2023 Link
YouTube Link

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