I usually really like the soundtracks to most Disney movies, but Olaf’s song in the original Frozen was one that I really didn’t like. When the sequel came out, I wasn’t looking forward to whatever song he was going to get, but I was very pleasantly surprised that it was actually quite fun. 

Listening to the soundtrack without the movie, the first thing that popped into my head for Olaf’s terrified scream was Shinji’s similar scream in the fight against Ramiel, and the rest of the video grew from that one scene.

This has been my most successful video in contests in quite a few years, picking up several wins:

RICE 2021 – Winner, Sh*t’s Rough Award
Kumoricon 2021 – Winner, Best Guilty Pleasures
Anime Los Angeles 2022 – Winner, Best Comedy/Humor and Audience Choice

Anime – Neon Genesis Evangelion
Audio – Josh Gad – When I Am Older (from Frozen 2)
Completed February 2021

AnimeMusicVideos.org Link
YouTube Link

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