This was my entry to the first half of AMV Sashimi’s Iron Remix event in 2021. The idea was that in a few hours, one editor would edit a video, Iron Chef-style. Another editor would be given just the video track (no audio) and a theme to use as the basis for a new video they would have a week to edit.

The audio for this one was a lucky find. I had thrown every audio file on my computer under 3 minutes long onto a playlist to see what sparked inspiration, and on that list was a shortened version of Night Ranger’s “Goodbye” I had made back in 2013 for a possible AMV that I ended up never starting. Since the original version of the song is 4:30 long, it never would have been on the list of possibilities without that shortened version. I actually went back to the original and made a differently-shortened version for the video.

For the video, with the short time to edit, I wanted to use a movie to reduce the amount of scene hunting I’d have to do, and had recently rewatched I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, which fit very well with the mood of the song. 

Overall, I like it, especially for an Iron Chef video made in about three hours.

It was eventually remixed in the second half of the event by Future_Vantas using the theme “Trailer” into their Love Story Trailer video.

Anime – I Want to Eat Your Pancreas
Audio – Night Ranger – Goodbye
Completed March 2021 Link
YouTube Link

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