This was my entry to the second half of AMV Sashimi’s Iron Remix event in 2021. The idea was that in a few hours, one editor would edit a video, Iron Chef-style. Another editor would be given just the video track (no audio) and a theme to use as the basis for a new video they would have a week to edit.

I was given the video to Troubleclef’s “Battletits” and the theme of Action as the base for my video.

Since the source video was so short, I needed an even shorter piece of music, which took me quite a while to find. I ended up settling on a snippet from the soundtrack to The Wizard of Speed and Time.

It’s not my best work, but with the limited source and time, it still came out pretty well.

Anime – Keijo!
Audio – John Massari – Wizard Run (from The Wizard of Speed and Time)
Completed April 2021 Link
YouTube Link

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