This was my entry to the first half of AMV Sashimi’s Iron Remix 2 event in 2021. The idea was that in a few hours, one editor would edit a video, Iron Chef-style. Another editor would be given just the audio track (no video) and the title of the video to use as the basis for a new video they would have a week to edit.

A conversation in Discord about Cool Runnings had had the track from the final run in the movie stuck in my head for several weeks, so I decided to do a sports video and chose the Battle Athletes OVA for my video source.

This was pretty rushed, even for an Iron Chef video, but I think it at least came out pretty coherently.

The audio and title were remixed in the second half of the event by Katranat for their video.

Anime – Battle Athletes OVA
Audio – Hans Zimmer – The Walk Home (from Cool Runnings)
Completed July 2021 Link
YouTube Link

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