This was my entry to the second half of AMV Sashimi’s Iron Remix 2 event in 2021. The idea was that in a few hours, one editor would edit a video, Iron Chef-style. Another editor would be given just the audio track (no video) and the title of the video to use as the basis for a new video they would have a week to edit.

I was given the audio and title from Opner’s Just the Good Times video, and I still had I Want to Eat Your Pancreas ripped from the first Iron Remix handy, so that’s what I went with as my combo, focussing on the happy moments of the movie and avoiding the heavier dramatic moments.

It was a fun one to make and came out pretty nicely, I think.

Anime – I Want to Eat Your Pancreas
Audio – Ichika Nito – When you hit 1million subscribers
Completed July 2021 Link
YouTube Link

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