Anime – Heidi, Girl of the Alps
Song – Edison Lighthouse – Love Grows
Completed September 2011
Premiered October 14, 2011 Link
YouTube Link

This video was specifically made for the Theme category of Another Anime Con 2011, which was “70’s Soul Train.”

Finding a source from the 1970’s on DVD was difficult, since so few of them have enough nostalgia strength to get rereleased, and I was considering tracking down the Original Gundam DVDs before stumbling across Heidi.

The song was a lot simpler, as I had a collection of 70’s hits on CD from a previous project that didn’t see completion, but several of the songs had potential.

When I actually started planning it, I only scanned through the first two DVDs before deciding to make a romance video between Heidi and Peter. Not having read the book, I was completely unaware of Klara’s later appearance or how large her role would become, so editing around her became more difficult as the video went along.

Overall, this was a silly little romance video that came off decently, and ended up winning the category.

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