Anime – Heidi, Girl of the Alps
Song – Edison Lighthouse – Love Grows
Completed September 2011
Premiered October 14, 2011 link

This video was specifically made for the Theme category of Another Anime Con 2011, which was “70’s Soul Train.”

Finding a source from the 1970’s on DVD was difficult, since so few of them have enough nostalgia strength to get rereleased, and I was considering tracking down the Original Gundam DVDs before stumbling across Heidi.

The song was a lot simpler, as I had a collection of 70’s hits on CD from a previous project that didn’t see completion, but several of the songs had potential.

When I actually started planning it, I only scanned through the first two DVDs before deciding to make a romance video between Heidi and Peter. Not having read the book, I was completely unaware of Klara’s later appearance or how large her role would become, so editing around her became more difficult as the video went along.

Overall, this was a silly little romance video that came off decently, and ended up winning the category.

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