Back in 2014, I was driving through very rural northern Vermont late one evening for work, and wanted to follow the Bruins-Canadiens playoff game that was happening that same night. The only station I could find was a French-language station out of Montreal, and after the game, they went back to their usual music format. “Jamais Trop Tard,” a very new release at the time, was the first song they played, and it caught my attention very strongly. I managed to use Shazam to find the actual song title, and spent the next eight years looking for a series to use for it.

A friend loaned me a copy of Emma to watch as a possible series to use after I asked for suggestions, and it fit better than I expected.

I specifically wanted to send this video to Canadian conventions, and in particular Otakuthon in Montreal, though sadly it didn’t make the finals at any of the ones I sent it to. I did get several compliments from people who did see it and fans of Emma, though.

Video – Emma: A Victorian Romance
Audio – Marie-Mai feat. Jonas – Jamais Trop Tard
Completed July 2023 Link
YouTube Link

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