This was my first video in almost two years, as after changing jobs and moving two states away, my free time was a lot more constrained than I had anticipated.

I’ve always liked Broadway musicals, and Wicked has spent a long time on my rotating playlist (I did get to see the touring show in 2009, and hope to catch it again if it’s back in my area again).

After watching Toradora!, even though I had really disliked Ami through most of the series, the parallels of Ami’s and Elpheba’s character arcs struck me. Elpheba’s reprise of “I’m Not That Girl” in particular felt like a good fit for a video.

I did end up cutting part of the song that didn’t quite feel like it fit, but the final result I thought was pretty nice.

Anime – Toradora!
Audio – Idina Menzel – I’m Not That Girl (from “Wicked”)
Completed August 2015 Link
YouTube Link

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