This video was my second video to create a composite character out of multiple series, though not quite as successfully as my first. 

I’m a big fan of soccer and played it recreationally for a few years (usually as goalkeeper because nobody else wanted to), so I wanted to do a video celebrating the love of the game, from the young kids that get inspired by watching the pros, through the junior and senior leagues, up through becoming the pros they once watched. With Euro 2012 happening that summer, I felt it was a perfect time to finally put it together. 

This one rattled around in my brain with several different songs (and far more sources) for quite a while before I actually sat down to edit it. It was an “almost in desperation” edit before the Connecticon deadline as two other ideas I was working on fell apart in the two weeks before the deadline, so this one is a bit of a rush job, but it holds together pretty well, I think.

Anime – Hungry Heart Wild Striker, Gold Kids, Knight in the Area, Giant Killing
Music – Jerry Goldsmith – Take Us Out (from “Rudy”)
Completed July 2012 Link
YouTube Link

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