Anime – Gundam Wing
Audio – Tangled “Grounded For Life” Web Promo
Completed March 2011
Premiered April 22, 2011 Link
YouTube Link

This was made specifically to troll a prescreener at the Anime Boston contest, who loves Gundam but hates Gundam Wing with a passion, and has been known to rant on the subject at length. I made my regular two submissions, and the coordinator allowed me to submit this as a third under a fake name to hide my participation.

Finding the audio was a little bit difficult, but once I saw Tangled in the theater and then checked out some of the web advertisements for the movie, this one jumped out at me as something that could be quite funny.

When I was planning it out, I’d have sworn there was at least one shot of Relena actually brushing her hair that I wanted to use for the repeating line, but my memory was apparently faulty, so I had to use the very silly hair toss shot, just multi-flipped in a minor homage to dwchang’s I Just Can’t Wait To Be King.

It got the desired rant, and enough of a laugh that it got included in the contest showing as a non-competing video.

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