Round 3’s theme for Project OrgEditor 2022 was “All Grown Up” and asked us to create videos exploring growing up or coming of age.

I had watched The Muppets Take Manhattan the week before this round, and “Saying Goodbye” was stuck in my head at the time. The original Muppets version didn’t quite work for the tone I was going for, but searching YouTube found me johnny0104’s excellent cover of it.

My original plan was to use as many graduation sequences as I could, but as I started searching, I kept coming back to Azumanga and the relationship between Chiyo and Sasaki. Of the main cast, they always struck me as the pair that would stay in contact even after life took them in different directions.

I originally wanted to use the whole song, but ended up cutting it down due to lack of footage and time. I might revisit the idea again someday, but not soon.

Anime – Azumanga Daioh
Music – johnnyj0104 – Saying Goodbye (from The Muppets Take Manhattan)
Completed November 2022 Link
YouTube Link

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