This was my personal mini-tribute to the original DDR Project MEP, in honor of its 15th anniversary.

We showed the MEP at a small one-day convention I helped at, and watching the many memorable tracks, “Upside Down” stuck in my head afterward. I had just recently watched Patema Inverted the week before, and the combination was too much fun to pass up.

I originally planned to use the full length song, but I realized while scrubbing through the movie that there wasn’t enough upbeat footage to carry the whole song, so I fell back to the game-length version instead.

The title is a math joke, alluding to how the two leads fall in opposite directions.

It was cute fun, and got a decent reaction at AWA Pro 2016.

Anime – Patema Inverted
Audio – COO COO – Upside Down
Completed August 2016 Link
YouTube Link

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