While Rakka was the main character of Haibane Renmei, it always felt to me that the series was Reki’s story. It told the tale of how she became the support along the path for so many others without becoming a doormat, and how she had to make that realization about herself to embark on her Day of Flight.

I’ve used the soundtrack to Pippin in a video before, and I’ve always loved the soaring optimism Pippin displays in Morning Glow, that a better future is coming soon. The parallel with Reki’s early-morning final departure was what stuck with me for this video.

I’m not sure I expressed all of that clearly in the editing, but that’s what I was going for.

This was entered at Animethon 2019, but didn’t make the finals.

Anime – Haibane Renmei
Music – John Rubenstein – Morning Glow (from “Pippin”)
Completed July 2019

AnimeMusicVideos.org Link
YouTube Link

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