AMV: Naptime

Anime – Sleeping With Hinako
Song – Joe Raposo – Everybody Sleeps
Completed June 2010
Premiered September 16, 2010 link

This one popped out of a silly conversation in #AMV. Kitsuner and inthesto were talking about how bad a source Sleeping With Hinako was, and how everyone should make a SWH video for AWA Pro. I was about to toss out “Isn’t there an old rock ballad that goes something like ‘Everybody Sleeps’ or something like that?” but decided to look it up first to avoid looking silly.

Then I found the old Sesame Street song by the same title (and never did find the rock ballad, so I must have misremembered). I immediately started tossing the video together, and planned to send it to Expo, since I was working on two other ideas for Pro. Unfortunately, some of my Pro ideas fell through in the editing stage, so this one ended up going to Pro as well. I think it was pretty badly hurt by being the last of four SWH videos in Pro, but someone had to be.

All in all, silly and without a real point, but fun to do.

This video won Best Fun/Upbeat/Other at Bakuretsucon 2010.

Project NeoEditor Bonus Round: The Grand Fleet

Anime – Various
Song – Neil Norman – Amazing Stories Main Theme
Completed August 2010
Premiered August 19, 2010 link

This was my entry in the Project NeoEditor bonus round, and finished first among the three entries submitted.

Space Opera has been one of my favorite genres for a long time, and I wanted to pull in several different sources. Since the theme was to go from “slice of life” to “adventure,” I decided on using Haruhi as a framing device, especially the Day of Saggitarius episode. The other sources were pretty much determined by “what do I have that’s both space opera with BIG FLEETS that’s also widescreen?”

The music was inspired by a rather old Kusoyaro/RYS collaboration Amazing Stories, which I saw and loved the music to, since I never saw the series it was the theme to. The version I used is a slightly slower-paced version (1:10 from originally 1:03) from a collection of Sci-Fi theme songs.

I had fun with this one, and I want to combine several great fleets in combat against each other again sometime.

Project NeoEditor Round 6: Survivor’s Guilt

Anime: Fafner
Song: Les Miserables London Cast – Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
Completed August 2010
Premiered August 7, 2010 link

This was my entry for the Project NeoEditor Final round. The round’s theme was “Know Your Enemy.” Code’s instructions to us were: Create an AMV with a source and audio that you’ve always wanted to edit with. Show me who you are as an editor, and show me you can follow your editing dreams. Most importantly, show me your style!

This video finished as Runner-Up to Ileia’s incredible RAH HEY!

Avatar: The Last Rainforest

Source – Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
Audio – Avatar: “Beyond Imagination” TV Spot
Completed June 2010
Premiered July 9, 2011

The idea for this one came from some webcomic’s (probably Real Life or Schlock Mercenary, I don’t remember now) note that James Cameron’s Avatar was the best Ferngully remake ever. And so the parody trailer idea wouldn’t leave my brain.

Overall, a fun thing to make, though the lipsynch is absolutely terrible (too many distinct faces to make it look right, sadly).

AMV: Silhouettes

Anime – Revolutionary Girl Utena
Song – The Birthday Massacre – Kill the Lights
Completed March 2010
Premiered April 2, 2010 link

The idea of Utena as a broken fairy tale was one that I kicked around in my head for a long time while I was planning this video. Unfortunately, the execution here (especially some of the mask edges) was kind of flawed, given how badly I rushed actually making this video before the Anime Boston deadline. In all, I spent about 19 hours straight on it, finishing about two hours before the deadline.

I still like the silhouette effect I used here, and may use it again if I find the right place for it.