Author: LantisEscudo

Project OrgEditor Round 2: Operation Revolver

Anime - Various Song - Various Completed June 2011 Premiered June 16, 2011 link This was my video for the second round of Project OrgEditor's 2011 edition. The theme for the round was "After Story" and we were to show a conclusion, and then a continuation of a story. I decided to make something like the opening of a sequel to a game, which led to the game's "title" of "Operation Revolver: The Second Chamber." I completely ignored the storylines from the original series, and assigned each of the characters new roles for their earlier exploits, ten years ago in-story, and then moving on in a "Where Are They Now" type of montage. With the two younger girls, not having any scenes of them looking older, I decided to ramp up the "drama" factor by killing them off, one gloriously in battle, one after a depressive spiral. In retrospect, it was a bad decision to rely so much on text to tell the story, but by the time I realized that, it was too late to change the concept before the deadline. It ended up finishing 11th out of 15 videos, though one judge knocked it heavily because they hadn't seen the original series and thought understanding the original plots was necessary for understanding the video.

Project OrgEditor Round 1: Org Ad

Anime - Various Song - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha OST - Drive Ignition Completed June 2011 Premiered June 7, 2011 link This was my video for the first round of the 2011 edition of Project Editor. The theme for the round was "Home Sweet Home" and we were to create an ad for the site we considered "home." As the Org is most certainly my AMV home, I decided to go with a fairly standard 30-second advertisement focusing on things the Org had to offer. I deliberately chose previous Project Editor-related pages on the Org as illustrations, including the coordinator - Code's user page, the page for Ileia's Finals-winning video RAH HEY!, and the stream of one of my favorite videos from the previous competition, Kitsuner's Deadlines. It was kind of dry and boring, and finished 11th in a round of 24 videos.

IC: Online Iron Chef 4.0 Round 2 – Experimentation

Anime - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st Song - Richard Cheese - Fell In Love With a Girl Completed May 2011 Premiered May 14, 2011 link This was my video for the second round of Brad's Online Iron Chef Tournament 4, from my match against Ileia. This was a very different song from what I expected, but I think I managed a decent silly romance video out of it, focusing on the only male character in the movie with significant screen time. I unfortunately lost this match to Ileia's spectacular video.

AMV: Grounded With a Gundam

Anime - Gundam Wing Audio - Tangled "Grounded For Life" Web Promo Completed March 2011 Premiered April 22, 2011 link This was made specifically to troll a prescreener at the Anime Boston contest, who loves Gundam but hates Gundam Wing with a passion, and has been known to rant on the subject at length. I made my regular two submissions, and the coordinator allowed me to submit this as a third under a fake name to hide my participation. Finding the audio was a little bit difficult, but once I saw Tangled in the theater and then checked out some of the web advertisements for the movie, this one jumped out at me as something that could be quite funny. When I was planning it out, I'd have sworn there was at least one shot of Relena actually brushing her hair that I wanted to use for the repeating line, but my memory was apparently faulty, so I had to use the very silly hair toss shot, just multi-flipped in a minor homage to dwchang's I Just Can't Wait To Be King. It got the desired rant, and enough of a laugh that it got included in the contest showing as a non-competing video.

IC: Iron Chef Idol 4 – The X-Files

Anime - Ghost in the Shell Song - macchinainterna - X-Files Theme Completed November 2010 Premiered April 10, 2011 link This was the segment I edited for the fourth edition of Iron Chef Idol. Thankfully, the song I got given by FC was both very editable and immediately suggested a video concept: parodying the original video. In accordance with the ICI rules, this was edited in two hours, and still works pretty nicely as a video.

IC: Online Iron Chef 4.0 Round 1 – Save the Girl

Anime - Project A-Ko Song - The Postmarks - No One Said This Would Be Easy Completed April 2011 Premiered April 9, 2011 link This was my video for the first round of Brad's Online Iron Chef tournament in the match against jade_eyed_angel. Brad handed us an interesting song that I know I'd never heard before, but immediately made me think of an adventure story, which managed to work pretty nicely with the source that came up in the roll, Project A-Ko. I won this match by a narrow 3-2 margin.

AMV: Fraternization

Anime - You're Under Arrest Song - Tracey Ullman - They Don't Know Completed March 2011 Premiered April 3, 2011 link This was a fun little experiment with bringing a show's subtext into full text, in this case, taking the friendship between Natsuki and Miyuki into a full lesbian relationship. I've wanted to use the song for a while, ever since I heard it on the radio several years ago, but always pictured it as a "girl loves bad boy" song, like the original music video showed. When I went looking for a song to do the video to, it suddenly struck me that the gender of the singer's significant other is never specified, so it could also be interpreted as a girl taking pride in a lesbian partnership over other people's objections. I'd also been looking for an excuse to make myself sit down and watch YUA for a while, since I owned all four box sets of season 1, but had only watched the first one before getting distracted with some other show. Now I need to watch the other two seasons (which I also own), which I didn't include here because of the major art shift. This video was entered at Tekkoshocon IX and Anime Boston 2011, but didn't make the finals at either.

AMV: Raiyuki (10th Anniversary Project)

Anime - Magic Knight Rayearth Song - Tokuyama Hidenori - FOR REAL Completed March 2011 Premiered March 8, 2011 link Ten years ago, I started making AMVs. At the time, I figured I'd make one just to try it out, and that'd be it. Imagine my surprise that I'm still here, more than 50 videos later. I've been meaning to remake my first video, a parody opening, for a while now, and doing it for my 10-year anniversary seemed appropriate. And, as an additional personal bonus, I used this project to learn something new: some of the more in-depth features of After Effects. I've used some of the basic motion functions in the past, but this is the first time I've used any of the tracking, masking, or animation features. Ten years have gone by in a blur; here's to another ten! Comparison with 2001 version and original Saiyuki opening:

AMV: Naptime

Anime - Sleeping With Hinako Song - Joe Raposo - Everybody Sleeps Completed June 2010 Premiered September 16, 2010 link This one popped out of a silly conversation in #AMV. Kitsuner and inthesto were talking about how bad a source Sleeping With Hinako was, and how everyone should make a SWH video for AWA Pro. I was about to toss out "Isn't there an old rock ballad that goes something like 'Everybody Sleeps' or something like that?" but decided to look it up first to avoid looking silly. Then I found the old Sesame Street song by the same title (and never did find the rock ballad, so I must have misremembered). I immediately started tossing the video together, and planned to send it to Expo, since I was working on two other ideas for Pro. Unfortunately, some of my Pro ideas fell through in the editing stage, so this one ended up going to Pro as well. I think it was pretty badly hurt by being the last of four SWH videos in Pro, but someone had to be. All in all, silly and without a real point, but fun to do. This video won Best Fun/Upbeat/Other at Bakuretsucon 2010.