Author: LantisEscudo

The Warrior

Anime - Gunsmith Cats
Song - Scandal - The Warrior
Completed July 2001
Premiered October 26, 2001
Remastered August 2008 link
YouTube Link

I owe the inspiration for this video to my younger brother, who suggested it after I showed him the OVA set in early July 2001. I was still stuck on my Bubblegum Crisis video at that point, so this idea kicked around in my head for a few weeks before I started going through the video looking for scenes to use in mid-July after I finished the BGC video. This video came together quickly, helped by the fact that I had far more ideas for this one, and kept a better record of them. This video was my second entry at Nekocon FLASH, but was cut because of time constraints.

Convention History:
NekoCon FLASH - Entrant, non-Finalist

Big In Japan

Anime - Bubblegum Crisis 2032
Song - Alphaville - Big in Japan
Date Completed June-July 2001
Premiered November 11, 2001 link
YouTube link

My first full-length video, I started this one in late June 2001, but ran out of ideas before doing the instrumental sections, so it sat around until mid-July before it got finished in a burst of inspiration. Alphaville's been a band I've liked for a long time, since I was in seventh grade and heard their Forever Young at one of my summer camp's dances. I later found out that Forever Young was one of a group of songs called The CTY Cannon, played during every dance at all of the sites the summer camp was at. After my last year at the camp, I picked up Alphaville's self-titled CD in a fit of nostalgia, and got hooked on Big in Japan. After watching BGC2032, I got the idea of focusing on the "fame" of Priss, Vision, and the Knight Sabers for this video.

Convention History:
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Anime - Magic Knight Rayearth
Song - Tokuyama Hidenori - FOR REAL
Completed March 2001
Premiered March 4, 2001 link

My first video, done just after Katsucon 7, where I parodied the opening to Gensoumaden Saiyuki using Magic Knight Rayearth. I thought that the irony of such a bishonen series's opening using an almost-magical girl series would be funny. It works well for a first video, I think, but has a lot of little problems like frame holds that didn't work.

Convention History:
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