Anime – Gunsmith Cats
Song – Scandal – The Warrior
Completed July 2001
Premiered October 26, 2001
Remastered August 2008 link
YouTube Link

I owe the inspiration for this video to my younger brother, who suggested it after I showed him the OVA set in early July 2001. I was still stuck on my Bubblegum Crisis video at that point, so this idea kicked around in my head for a few weeks before I started going through the video looking for scenes to use in mid-July after I finished the BGC video. This video came together quickly, helped by the fact that I had far more ideas for this one, and kept a better record of them. This video was my second entry at Nekocon FLASH, but was cut because of time constraints.

Convention History:
NekoCon FLASH – Entrant, non-Finalist

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