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Citius, Artius, Fortius

Anime - Various Song - John Williams - 1988 Olympic Theme Completed February 2002 Premiered February 4, 2002 Link YouTube Link This was my first video that pulled from more than one source and ended up taking me nearly five months to complete, from when I first started scripting out the video to the final render. One thing that kept delaying me was finding more footage that would fit into the video. At some point, I said enough, and refused to introduce any footage that I didn't already have on hand. Once I did that, I finished a week later. ^_^ All in all, there are 39 series or movies in this video, ranging from pure sports anime like Battle Athletes to completely out-of-context clips from things like Jin-Roh. I might end up sending this to AWA or Nekocon, but only if I go (I want to be at any con I send my videos to). In the course of making this video, I probably watched over a week's worth of anime, looking for footage to use, and ended up using about a sixth of what I captured. The video grouped clips by sport, and I'm most proud of the volleyball and combat sports segments, while I'm least proud of the track segment early in the video. I really tried to limit using a lot of any one series, and this ended up using a little more Battle Athletes than I wanted, though it really worked out quite well. Convention History: Ohayocon 3 - Entrant AnimeEvolution 2003 - Entrant, non-Finalist Anime Mid-Atlantic - Finalist

To the Edge, To Heaven

Anime - Slayers, Slayers Next Song - Ace of Base - Edge of Heaven Completed December 2001 Premiered December 19, 2001 link This video was started in early November 2001, about a month after Jess suggested that a serious Slayers video with a particular scene at the end would be really interesting. So I set out to do it, finding the perfect song for it only after a vast amount of hunting. I finished a month and a half later, most of that time spent watching the series again and storyboarding. I really cut the Katsucon 8 deadline closely on this one, finishing only an hour and a half before I needed to put the videotape in the mail. Convention History: Katsucon 8 - Entrant, non-Finalist Otakon 2002 - Entrant, non-Finalist

Hikaru’s Quest

Anime - Magic Knight Rayearth Song - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Dark World Theme (Orchestral) Completed August 2001 Premiered November 11, 2001 Link YouTube Link The fact that the first season of Rayearth plays out like a stereotypical RPG is even mentioned in the series itself, so when I went looking for a song to do a Hikaru tribute to, this song fell right into my lap. The fact that this was my first all-instrumental video made it a lot more work than my others, but I think it came out quite well. This was also the last video I did during the summer of 2001, and was completed only a few days before I returned to school. At some point, I plan on doing Umi and Fuu videos to similar songs, but those videos are on the back burner for a while. Convention History: MindWarp 2001 Fall/Winter AMV Contest - Entrant


Anime - Rurouni Kenshin OVA 1 Song - Steeleye Span - Corbies Completed August 2001 Premiered November 11, 2001 Link YouTube Link This video was fun to do, though the long instrumental at the end was quite difficult to find suitable video clips for. Steeleye Span is a British folk-rock group that has been around for more than 30 years and have done many really great songs that, unfortunately, are too long to make AMVs for con entry out of (7 to 15 minutes long). This video came from me wondering what would happen if Kenshin had been set in feudal Europe instead of in the end of feudal Japan. Then came the idea that Kiyosato might be the knight slain in the early verses, and the rest of the lyrics suggested video clips all by themselves. The instrumental took a lot longer, but eventually came together in mid-August 2001, as I was getting ready to go back to college. This is also the first video since Raiyuki that used digital effects other than transitions, in the sequence of the flaming swordfights, where I overlayed it with the opening shot of the moon from the series. I think it worked well, as did the rest of this video on the whole. Convention History: MindWarp 2001 Fall/Winter AMV Contest - Entrant

Shina the Uptown Girl

Anime - Shinesman Song - Billy Joel - Uptown Girl Completed August 2001 Premiered November 11, 2001 Link YouTube Link This was a lot funnier as an idea than it came out as a video. Only knowing about one other Shinesman AMV (Argonaut's to Dizzy by the Goo Goo Dolls), I started hunting through my rather vast collection of music for an appropriate song to use. It took me three passes through to finally pick Billy Joel's Uptown Girl, with the sequence at "And when she's walking/She's looking/So fi-yi-ine" jumping into my head. Unfortunately, other pieces of the song were very hard to pick video for, so parts of the video I'm still not completely happy with. If I get more ideas for it, I might come back to this one. Convention History: Katsucon 8 - Finalist

Rouge’s Prayer

Anime - Princess Rouge Song - Bon Jovi - Livin' On a Prayer Completed July 2001 Premiered October 26, 2001 Remastered August 2008 link YouTube Link Princess Rouge (AKA Legend of the Last Labyrinth) was the first DVD I ever owned, and even though it's incomplete, I really liked the story and characters. It's a shame it never got continued. I'm not sure, but I think this is the first Princess Rouge AMV ever created. This video, finished in late July 2001, is one of the fastest of my videos so far, with most of the video coming together in only one day, and the fine-tuning, effects and intro piece taking another day and a half. Still, for all its speed, I think it's my best video from that summer and was my entry at NekoCon FLASH. Convention History: Nekocon FLASH - Finalist

The Warrior

Anime - Gunsmith Cats Song - Scandal - The Warrior Completed July 2001 Premiered October 26, 2001 Remastered August 2008 link YouTube Link I owe the inspiration for this video to my younger brother, who suggested it after I showed him the OVA set in early July 2001. I was still stuck on my Bubblegum Crisis video at that point, so this idea kicked around in my head for a few weeks before I started going through the video looking for scenes to use in mid-July after I finished the BGC video. This video came together quickly, helped by the fact that I had far more ideas for this one, and kept a better record of them. This video was my second entry at Nekocon FLASH, but was cut because of time constraints. Convention History: NekoCon FLASH - Entrant, non-Finalist

Big In Japan

Anime - Bubblegum Crisis 2032 Song - Alphaville - Big in Japan Date Completed June-July 2001 Premiered November 11, 2001 link YouTube link My first full-length video, I started this one in late June 2001, but ran out of ideas before doing the instrumental sections, so it sat around until mid-July before it got finished in a burst of inspiration. Alphaville's been a band I've liked for a long time, since I was in seventh grade and heard their Forever Young at one of my summer camp's dances. I later found out that Forever Young was one of a group of songs called The CTY Cannon, played during every dance at all of the sites the summer camp was at. After my last year at the camp, I picked up Alphaville's self-titled CD in a fit of nostalgia, and got hooked on Big in Japan. After watching BGC2032, I got the idea of focusing on the "fame" of Priss, Vision, and the Knight Sabers for this video. Convention History: Not Entered to Conventions


Anime - Magic Knight Rayearth Song - Tokuyama Hidenori - FOR REAL Completed March 2001 Premiered March 4, 2001 link Image My first video, done just after Katsucon 7, where I parodied the opening to Gensoumaden Saiyuki using Magic Knight Rayearth. I thought that the irony of such a bishonen series's opening using an almost-magical girl series would be funny. It works well for a first video, I think, but has a lot of little problems like frame holds that didn't work. Convention History: Not Entered to Conventions