Anime – Various
Song – Yoko Kanno – Take Off
Completed October 2008
Premiered October 18, 2008 Link
YouTube Link

This contest was EXTREEEEEEEEEEME!!!

After arriving with our lists of ten songs each, they were whittled down to one song from our original lists and two from our opponent’s original list.

Only then were we shown our primary video source: Detroit Metal City.

Over the course of the editing, there were several challenges thrown in. The ones I remember, in semi-order:

5 minutes with “beer goggles” on (Vaseline-smeared lab goggles)
Roll a d12, your opponent must use at least that many lens flares during the video (11 for Lantis, 12 for Kiarrens)
DDR for one song (Tsugaru, victory by Kiarrens), added source: BECK episode 21 (maybe a bit later?)
Do a cheesy transition NOW
5 minutes with no headphones
Added source: Bleach Live-Action Rock Musical
FAILed challenge: Guitar Hero (GH3 on 360 doesn’t like Rock Band guitars, so this one didn’t come off)
Run an errand for dokool: Go get the trophy from the green room (Lantis got back first)

In the end, Kiarrens won a well-deserved crushing victory.

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