Anime – Ah! My Goddess (TV & Movie)
Song – Immediate Music – Blasphemy
Completed April 2009
Premiered May 8, 2009 Link
YouTube Link

This one was created especially for Anime Central’s 2009 Theme contest of “Trailer.” I decided to go the “original trailer” route rather than a parody trailer, taking a romantic comedy series and turning it into an action/drama/epic movie for its “new” theatrical installment.

When the theme was announced, I had just finished a book on myths from many cultures, and that in turn led me to think of the events of Ragnarok paired Ah! My Goddess. The video took about three weeks from first inspiration to completion, which was a surprise to me, since I normally work much more slowly.

The subtitles were deliberately styled to look like Pioneer/Geneon DVD subtitles, to further the “real trailer” idea (P/G were the ones who released the real AMG movie in the US).

The voice of Kami-sama is actually my own, since I couldn’t find any closely corresponding lines spoken by the real Voice. It was run through a number of filters to get the resonant quality my real voice lacks as well as the needed “long-distance telephone” effect, and to disguise my atrocious accent.

Each of the text overlays was written in English first, then translated as best I could manage into Japanese (apologies to anyone who can actually read my clumsy translations) for the red kanji versions, and each is also one of the events leading up to Ragnarok in the original myths.

The release date (Sept. 9, 2009) was both too great an idea to pass up (a flipped 666) and a nod to the upcoming movie “9” which shares that release date.

Convention History:
Anime Central 2009 – Finalist
Anime Boston 2009 – Finalist

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