Jun 272010

Anime – Magic Knight Rayearth
Song – Nox Arcana – Caliope
Completed June 2010
Premiered June 27, 2010
Animemusicvideos.org link

My Round 1 Entry for Project NeoEditor. Theme for the round: tell a story with a moral.

This came in third in a round of 13 videos.

And I was very depressed after killing off one of my favorite characters ever.

Nov 202009

Anime – Various
Song – BUS STOP feat. Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting
Completed October 2009
Premiered November 20, 2009
AnimeMusicVideos.org link

This was my Project: Editor 2 Round 2 video. The theme of the round was “Word Association,” and the word I was given was “Shoryuken.”

I originally thought of using the Street Fighter Anime, but I don’t own it, and figured it would be a bit of a cop-out, so I went to the original source: the games. Which led to the people that play the games, and my hunt for scenes of characters playing video games.

“Kung Fu Fighting” felt like a very appropriate song, and the BUS STOP version that was included in the original DDR was the perfect length.

Thanks to my friend Adam for being Player 2 in the screen captures, and to Kit for pointing out I screwed up the original capture of the Playstation footage. Also thanks to mirkosp, godix, Kit, G_Q, MeteorDragon, and ngsilver for making suggestions on where to find scenes that might work.

This received a “So Much Win” award from Code in the P:E thread, and also won Best Fun/Upbeat/Etc. at its con debut at AAC 09.

Nov 092009

Anime – Gunbuster
Song – Kerry Muzzey – Anthem
Completed October 2009
Premiered October 8, 2009
AnimeMusicVideos.org link

My video for Project Editor 2 Round 1.

The theme for the round was “Tribute” though my video went more the “Trailer” route. I decided on Gunbuster and an overblown dramatic trailer-music style song for this one, and the text is cheesy as all heck, but overall, I had fun with it.

It finished seventh in the round, out of 17 videos.