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Iron Chef Idol 4 – The X-Files

Anime - Ghost in the Shell Song - macchinainterna - X-Files Theme Completed November 2010 Premiered April 10, 2011 link This was the segment I edited for the fourth edition of Iron Chef Idol. Thankfully, the song I got given by FC was both very editable and immediately suggested a video concept: parodying the original video. In accordance with the ICI rules, this was edited in two hours, and still works pretty nicely as a video.

Online Iron Chef 4.0 Round 1 – Save the Girl

Anime - Project A-Ko Song - The Postmarks - No One Said This Would Be Easy Completed April 2011 Premiered April 9, 2011 Link YouTube Link This was my video for the first round of Brad's Online Iron Chef tournament in the match against jade_eyed_angel. Brad handed us an interesting song that I know I'd never heard before, but immediately made me think of an adventure story, which managed to work pretty nicely with the source that came up in the roll, Project A-Ko. I won this match by a narrow 3-2 margin.

Another Anime Con 2009 EXTREME Iron Editor

Anime - Demonbane, Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!, The Hobbit, School Days Songs - DJ Mei Lwun - Nelly vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Sweet Home Country Grammar, Skye Sweetnam - Part Of Your World Completed November 2009 Premiered November 21, 2009 link The resulting videos from the EXTREME Iron Editor competition at Another Anime Con 2009. It was a tag-team match between the Green Team (LantisEscudo & inthesto) and the Blue Team (Kiarrens & OtakuForLife). The full details of the competition, including the tortures visited upon the editors by dokool and BasharOfTheAges: *Extreme Challenge Summary* First Source Revealed: Demonbane Steady Hands - Alts are forced to play Operation with an eye-patch on until someone gets 3 pieces. (arm weights were, sadly, missing) Winner - inthesto Hypothermia Challenge - Both alts plunge their hands into ice water and keep them there. First to remove a hand loses. (this lasted 20 minutes, and resulted in 4 emptied cans of silly string as well as possible nerve damage. We forced them to switch off with their partners and immediately start editing.) Winner - tie. Second Source Revealed: Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight On The Hunt - Alts are given a camera and a scavenger hunt list of cosplayers, staffers, and Guests and 20 min to take as many pictures as they can. Winner - Kiarrens (but points were awarded per picture anyways) Nice Boat Balloon Pop - Alts are presented with a pile of balloons - each of which has a piece of paper in it. All have phrases on them the alt has to call out after reading, until they find the correct one - Nice Boat! - The first one done wins. Winner - Otaku4Life Third Source Revealed: "Nice Boat" episode of School Days One Ring To Bind Them - A) Alts must find the hidden box with their color on it (on Bashar's Car) and return it to main stage. *Lantis docked 20pts for unsportsmanlike conduct in taking both boxes, leaving otaku4life confused in the parking lot for 20 min. B) Inside this box is a hello kitty lip-gloss ring locked by a pad lock. The keys to the padlocks are at the bottom of a vat of shaving cream. First to Unlock their box, wins part B. Winner - Otaku4life Final Source Revealed: The Hobbit (Rankin-Bass's 1979 version) A Little Trivia While We Render - A Little Retrospect is played. All editors name the AMVs used - 2 pts a piece. *no real winner - just awarded points until we were done*

Another Anime Con 2008 EXTREME Iron Editor

Anime - Various Song - Yoko Kanno - Take Off Completed October 2008 Premiered October 18, 2008 Link YouTube Link This contest was EXTREEEEEEEEEEME!!! After arriving with our lists of ten songs each, they were whittled down to one song from our original lists and two from our opponent's original list. Only then were we shown our primary video source: Detroit Metal City. Over the course of the editing, there were several challenges thrown in. The ones I remember, in semi-order: 5 minutes with "beer goggles" on (Vaseline-smeared lab goggles) Roll a d12, your opponent must use at least that many lens flares during the video (11 for Lantis, 12 for Kiarrens) DDR for one song (Tsugaru, victory by Kiarrens), added source: BECK episode 21 (maybe a bit later?) Do a cheesy transition NOW 5 minutes with no headphones Added source: Bleach Live-Action Rock Musical FAILed challenge: Guitar Hero (GH3 on 360 doesn't like Rock Band guitars, so this one didn't come off) Run an errand for dokool: Go get the trophy from the green room (Lantis got back first) In the end, Kiarrens won a well-deserved crushing victory.

GLMR (Iron Chef)

Anime - Macross: Do You Remember Love Song - Guilty Gear Isuka Soundtrack - The Cat Attached to the Rust Completed October 2007 Premiered October 23, 2007 YouTube Link From a 4-way Iron Chef battle in the #superic channel on IRC, including Ghet, me, Meteor Dragon, and Rave_Epic. I got one of the four votes cast by the judges, so came in tied for second.

Interpersonal Communication (Iron Chef)

Anime - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Song - Coldpay - Don't Panic Completed October 2007 Premiered October 10, 2007 Link YouTube Link My video from the Online Iron Chef Tournament 3.0 Round 1, which lost to Douggie. Not really a fan of the song, but the video didn't come out too badly. I gave it a title when it got sent to Youmacon in response to ngsilver's begging for entries. The title means nothing, it's just a pair of words that sound relevant and form the initials "IC." Convention History: Youmacon 2007 - Winner, "Most Orignal" Bakuretsucon 2007 - Finalist