Anime – Lunar: Silver Star Story
Song – Phil Collins – Two Worlds
Completed July 2002
Premiered July 12, 2002 Link
YouTube Link

When my DVD drive died partway through making a video, I was left with the urge to make a video, but without the means for all of the ideas I already had. So just for the sake of doing something, I picked up Lunar: Silver Star Story and played through it in under three days of marathon game sessions. After I finished, I suddenly wanted to make an Alex and Luna video, with a smattering of Jessica/Kyle and Nash/Mia. Since I still had a CD drive functioning, the video was readily available. The song, however, was much, much harder, taking three days of hunting, and ransacking not only my collection of CDs and MP3s, but my roommate’s as well. Finally, I came across a song I’d never heard before on one of his CDs, and was struck with inspiration. In one marathon all-night videofest, I scripted and spliced together the video, finishing around seven in the morning. Looking back over it, I’m very proud of the “Raise your head up/Lift high the load” segment. One interesting thing is how the two closeups of Nash both seem to be lipsynched, though neither of them were even intended to be that way; the video actually looks like that in the game. And yes, the song is supposed to cut off like that. I faded it out about five seconds early, but it’s already gradually fading at that point, I just sped it up a bit.

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