Anime – X TV
Song – Heart – These Dreams
Completed May 2003
Premiered June 13, 2003 Link
YouTube Link

The inspiration for this one came when my older brother gave me his copy of the “Heart – Greatest Hits (1985-1995)” CD. What better way to visualize a song about dreams than with the four Dreamseers of X?

It took me about four months from when I had the idea to when I actually had time to sit down and edit the video, since I was in my final semester of college.

This video was unfortunately quite rushed, so as to be submitted in time for Otakon, and I think that hurt it somewhat, as the timing could have been a bit tighter and there were a number of special effects that I had planned, but ended up not using at all, because of time.

I’m particularly satisfied with Kotori’s chorus and the “Could it be spring or fall” line.

Convention History:
AnimeEvolution 2003 – Finalist
Otakon 2003 – Entrant, non-Finalist

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