AMV (Hyoushou): Euphamism

Anime – Sexfriend
Song – Chubby Checker – The Twist
Completed March 2011
Premiered April 23, 2011 link

The only reason this is exists is that I lost a bet.

In a mood of sleep deprivation, another editor and I were tossing terrible HAMV ideas back and forth, and this is one that I put forward. A week or so later, I lost a bet against that editor, and the stakes were that the loser had to make one of the ideas that were tossed out in that session. And this was the result.

AMV (Hyoushou): Die Feurine

Anime – Various
Song – Spike Jones – Der Feurher’s Face
Completed April 2009
Premiered May 22, 2009 link

I blame this one on dokool. At AAC last year, he challenged me to do a comedy video for Anime Boston. I normally don’t do comedy because my black sense of humor isn’t shared by a lot of people (and I rarely execute it well, anyway).

Inspiration finally struck when I saw a Haruhi video and thought “I wonder how hard it would be to PhotoShop something else onto that armband.” That thought segued into the silly Spike Jones song “Der Feurher’s Face” with a Nazi-esqe “H” replacing the swastika, and the idea was born.

From the Anime Boston contest’s concept statement:
“Three years ago, an interesting anomaly was discovered in the film archives of a respected museum, where a canister of film was found with all the approprate cataloging labels attached, but no corresponding record in either the physical or electronic databases. We believe that the canister is an artifact of an alternate reality that slipped below the notice of whatever initiated the reality fork. We are presently investigating the source of the fork, though the majority of the currently-available evidence points to a girl named Haruhi Suzumiya, as the film depicts her acting in a far less benevolent role than she currently portrays.”

PLEASE NOTE: This video does contain snippets of footage from Triumph des Willens and in areas that restrict the original movie, this video may be subject to the same restrictions.

Contest History:
Anime Boston 2009 – Finalist
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009: Pro Contest – Finalist, Comedy category

AMV (Hyoushou): Mater Dei

Anime – Various
Song – Danny Wilson – Mary’s Prayer
Completed May 2008
Premiered May 17, 2008 link

This was my entry at Acen’s AMV Wars Hentai competition. I’m not particularly proud of it, and it didn’t do very well, mainly because it isn’t hentai, like it was supposed to be. I don’t own any, and the H scenes in the provided secret ingredient (Dark Chapel Ep. 1) disturbed me enough I didn’t want to use them (call me a prude, but non-con and scat I find very off-putting). So it’s a non-hentai vid that uses a hentai source.

For the actual video, the song I used had been stuck in my head after I picked up a CD collection of eighties love songs, so given the theme of the secret ingredient and Mary being the theme of the song, I decided on nuns and priests as the theme of the video.

It’s a silly video, and a rush job, but it’s not terrible, either.

Since it contains no actual hentai footage, this video is also safe to be hosted on Local.

AMV (Hyoushou): Lots of Little Innuendoes

Anime – Various
Song – Maurice Chevalier – Thank Heaven For Little Girls
Completed February 2008
Premiered March 22, 2008 link

Inspiration for this one I blame on a combination of the movie Wag the Dog and NPR’s radio game show Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. Adam was soliciting adult AMVs for Anime Boston’s new contest/showing the same week as the song “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” from The Sound Of Music came up in reference to Jamie Lynn Spears on WWDTM, which reminded me of the scene in Wag the Dog that “Thank Heaven For Little Girls” was used in a political attack ad. And my brain ran with it.

My goal was to take as much out of context as possible to make the series used look downright dirty, but I wasn’t having much luck until I borrowed the notorious Kodomo no Jikan and Moetan from a friend who will remain nameless to protect them (a sufficient bribe, though… 🙂 ).

The song I actually have on CD, as I liked the original movie (Gigi, which won 9 Oscars, including Best Picture in 1958), and stumbled on the soundtrack in a secondhand CD shop a few years ago.

Technically simple, the goal was “tell the joke, get the laugh, get out before it gets old,” and I think it succeeds at doing that.

I’m releasing this under a different studio name from my normal one, as I do use Honou Productions for more than just AMVs occasionally, and though it’s not outright hentai, it’s sufficiently out of the PG-13 range into R that it’s not hosted on, but on a very generous ngsilver’s server.

Convention History:
Anime Boston 2008 – Finalist (H competititon)
Tekkoshocon VI (2008) – Finalist (R competition)