Anime – Shinesman
Song – Billy Joel – Uptown Girl
Completed August 2001
Premiered November 11, 2001 Link
YouTube Link

This was a lot funnier as an idea than it came out as a video. Only knowing about one other Shinesman AMV (Argonaut’s to Dizzy by the Goo Goo Dolls), I started hunting through my rather vast collection of music for an appropriate song to use. It took me three passes through to finally pick Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl, with the sequence at “And when she’s walking/She’s looking/So fi-yi-ine” jumping into my head. Unfortunately, other pieces of the song were very hard to pick video for, so parts of the video I’m still not completely happy with. If I get more ideas for it, I might come back to this one.

Convention History:
Katsucon 8 – Finalist

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