Anime – Various
Song – John Williams – 1988 Olympic Theme
Completed February 2002
Premiered February 4, 2002 Link
YouTube Link

This was my first video that pulled from more than one source and ended up taking me nearly five months to complete, from when I first started scripting out the video to the final render. One thing that kept delaying me was finding more footage that would fit into the video. At some point, I said enough, and refused to introduce any footage that I didn’t already have on hand. Once I did that, I finished a week later. ^_^ All in all, there are 39 series or movies in this video, ranging from pure sports anime like Battle Athletes to completely out-of-context clips from things like Jin-Roh. I might end up sending this to AWA or Nekocon, but only if I go (I want to be at any con I send my videos to). In the course of making this video, I probably watched over a week’s worth of anime, looking for footage to use, and ended up using about a sixth of what I captured. The video grouped clips by sport, and I’m most proud of the volleyball and combat sports segments, while I’m least proud of the track segment early in the video. I really tried to limit using a lot of any one series, and this ended up using a little more Battle Athletes than I wanted, though it really worked out quite well.

Convention History:
Ohayocon 3 – Entrant
AnimeEvolution 2003 – Entrant, non-Finalist
Anime Mid-Atlantic – Finalist

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