Month: April 2010

AMV: Silhouettes

Anime - Revolutionary Girl Utena Song - The Birthday Massacre - Kill the Lights Completed March 2010 Premiered April 2, 2010 link The idea of Utena as a broken fairy tale was one that I kicked around in my head for a long time while I was planning this video. Unfortunately, the execution here (especially some of the mask edges) was kind of flawed, given how badly I rushed actually making this video before the Anime Boston deadline. In all, I spent about 19 hours straight on it, finishing about two hours before the deadline. I still like the silhouette effect I used here, and may use it again if I find the right place for it.

AMV: The Outer Sky

Anime - Wings of Honneamise Song - John Rubinstein - Corner of the Sky Completed February 2010 Premiered April 2, 2010 link When Anime Boston announced that the 2010 contest would be in HD, I only owned three anime Blu-Ray disks, so my selection of sources was a bit limited. I had just watched Wings of Honneamise the week before, so I settled on that very quickly. The song was a bit harder, but dumb luck in picking up a secondhand copy of the soundtrack to Pippen and hearing "Corner of the Sky" got me thinking about flying and the hurdles that Shitotsugh and his Space Navy compatriots overcame to get into space. I deliberately focused on the flying and his relationship with Requinni and cut out as much of the actual combat of the last act as I could, preferring to keep up the hopeful tone of the song. Conventions: Finalist at Anime Boston 2010 Winner, Best Character Profile - AWA Expo 2010