Month: November 2009

IC: Another Anime Con 2009 EXTREME Iron Editor

Anime - Demonbane, Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!, The Hobbit, School Days Songs - DJ Mei Lwun - Nelly vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Sweet Home Country Grammar, Skye Sweetnam - Part Of Your World Completed November 2009 Premiered November 21, 2009 link The resulting videos from the EXTREME Iron Editor competition at Another Anime Con 2009. It was a tag-team match between the Green Team (LantisEscudo & inthesto) and the Blue Team (Kiarrens & OtakuForLife). The full details of the competition, including the tortures visited upon the editors by dokool and BasharOfTheAges: *Extreme Challenge Summary* First Source Revealed: Demonbane Steady Hands - Alts are forced to play Operation with an eye-patch on until someone gets 3 pieces. (arm weights were, sadly, missing) Winner - inthesto Hypothermia Challenge - Both alts plunge their hands into ice water and keep them there. First to remove a hand loses. (this lasted 20 minutes, and resulted in 4 emptied cans of silly string as well as possible nerve damage. We forced them to switch off with their partners and immediately start editing.) Winner - tie. Second Source Revealed: Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight On The Hunt - Alts are given a camera and a scavenger hunt list of cosplayers, staffers, and Guests and 20 min to take as many pictures as they can. Winner - Kiarrens (but points were awarded per picture anyways) Nice Boat Balloon Pop - Alts are presented with a pile of balloons - each of which has a piece of paper in it. All have phrases on them the alt has to call out after reading, until they find the correct one - Nice Boat! - The first one done wins. Winner - Otaku4Life Third Source Revealed: "Nice Boat" episode of School Days One Ring To Bind Them - A) Alts must find the hidden box with their color on it (on Bashar's Car) and return it to main stage. *Lantis docked 20pts for unsportsmanlike conduct in taking both boxes, leaving otaku4life confused in the parking lot for 20 min. B) Inside this box is a hello kitty lip-gloss ring locked by a pad lock. The keys to the padlocks are at the bottom of a vat of shaving cream. First to Unlock their box, wins part B. Winner - Otaku4life Final Source Revealed: The Hobbit (Rankin-Bass's 1979 version) A Little Trivia While We Render - A Little Retrospect is played. All editors name the AMVs used - 2 pts a piece. *no real winner - just awarded points until we were done*

Project: Editor 2 – Round 2: Shoryuken? Sure You Can!

Anime - Various Song - BUS STOP feat. Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting Completed October 2009 Premiered November 20, 2009 link This was my Project: Editor 2 Round 2 video. The theme of the round was "Word Association," and the word I was given was "Shoryuken." I originally thought of using the Street Fighter Anime, but I don't own it, and figured it would be a bit of a cop-out, so I went to the original source: the games. Which led to the people that play the games, and my hunt for scenes of characters playing video games. "Kung Fu Fighting" felt like a very appropriate song, and the BUS STOP version that was included in the original DDR was the perfect length. Thanks to my friend Adam for being Player 2 in the screen captures, and to Kit for pointing out I screwed up the original capture of the Playstation footage. Also thanks to mirkosp, godix, Kit, G_Q, MeteorDragon, and ngsilver for making suggestions on where to find scenes that might work. This received a "So Much Win" award from Code in the P:E thread, and also won Best Fun/Upbeat/Etc. at its con debut at AAC 09.

Project: Editor 2 – Round 1: Tribute

Anime – Gunbuster Song – Kerry Muzzey - Anthem Completed October 2009 Premiered October 8, 2009 link My video for Project Editor 2 Round 1. The theme for the round was "Tribute" though my video went more the "Trailer" route. I decided on Gunbuster and an overblown dramatic trailer-music style song for this one, and the text is cheesy as all heck, but overall, I had fun with it. It finished seventh in the round, out of 17 videos.

AMV: Bright Journeys

Anime - Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou ~Quiet Country Cafe~ Song - Stockwell Brothers - Before I Go Completed September 2009 Premiered October 3, 2009 link The best part of my job is filming local bands in concert. I heard this song and immediately thought of making a "travelling" story video using it. I picked up the original artist's performance of the song, and absolutely hated his vocals. So I went back to my tape, which had a direct line from the band's sound board and used that version instead. I shortened the song by one verse and chorus, though. For the video, it really ended up going in a different direction from how I first envisioned it. I originally thought of Alpha on her Vespa. Unfortunately, I forgot that most of her long trip in the second OVA series was done on foot. So slowly the video shifted into a light yuri romance between Alpha and Kotone. It's a little slow, but it fits the folksy mood of both the song and the OVAs. Convention History: Kurokiiro 2009 - Finalist Bakuretsucon 2009 - Finalist Youmacon 2009 - Finalist Another Anime Con 2009 - Entrant