AMV (Hyoushou): Mater Dei

Anime – Various
Song – Danny Wilson – Mary’s Prayer
Completed May 2008
Premiered May 17, 2008 link

This was my entry at Acen’s AMV Wars Hentai competition. I’m not particularly proud of it, and it didn’t do very well, mainly because it isn’t hentai, like it was supposed to be. I don’t own any, and the H scenes in the provided secret ingredient (Dark Chapel Ep. 1) disturbed me enough I didn’t want to use them (call me a prude, but non-con and scat I find very off-putting). So it’s a non-hentai vid that uses a hentai source.

For the actual video, the song I used had been stuck in my head after I picked up a CD collection of eighties love songs, so given the theme of the secret ingredient and Mary being the theme of the song, I decided on nuns and priests as the theme of the video.

It’s a silly video, and a rush job, but it’s not terrible, either.

Since it contains no actual hentai footage, this video is also safe to be hosted on Local.

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