Jul 082011

Source – Mythbusters
Song – Oingo Boingo – Weird Science
Completed June 2011
Premiered July 8, 2011

This was a silly idea that I’m surprised hadn’t been done before (at least that I found in my quick search at the time), and pretty much sums up what makes Mythbusters so much fun: Making things go BOOM.

This was a finalist at Connecticon 2011 and won Best Live Action at AWA Pro 2011.

Jul 262010

Source – Original footage
Song – Steeleye Span – The Song Will Remain
Completed July 2010
Premiered August 13, 2010

My Round 5 video for Project NeoEditor. This round’s theme: Create an AMV that shows your last day of life, as if you knew it was your last day of your life.

This video finished second in a round of four videos.

Jul 092010

Source – Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
Audio – Avatar: “Beyond Imagination” TV Spot
Completed June 2010
Premiered July 9, 2011

The idea for this one came from some webcomic’s (probably Real Life or Schlock Mercenary, I don’t remember now) note that James Cameron’s Avatar was the best Ferngully remake ever. And so the parody trailer idea wouldn’t leave my brain.

Overall, a fun thing to make, though the lipsynch is absolutely terrible (too many distinct faces to make it look right, sadly).