Oct 012009

Anime – Slayers, Slayers Next
Song – Ace of Base – Edge of Heaven
Completed December 2001
Premiered December 19, 2001
AnimeMusicVideos.org link

This video was started in early November 2001, about a month after Jess suggested that a serious Slayers video with a particular scene at the end would be really interesting. So I set out to do it, finding the perfect song for it only after a vast amount of hunting. I finished a month and a half later, most of that time spent watching the series again and storyboarding. I really cut the Katsucon 8 deadline closely on this one, finishing only an hour and a half before I needed to put the videotape in the mail.

Convention History:
Katsucon 8 – Entrant, non-Finalist
Otakon 2002 – Entrant, non-Finalist

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