Oct 042009

Anime – Tokyo Babylon
Song – Luca Turrili – Throne of Ice
Completed January 2009
Premiered January 30, 2009
AnimeMusicVideos.org link

The idea for this one was inspired by the call for entries to the Gothik II MEP. The list of suggested anime included Tokyo Babylon, which I’ve wanted to use for something for quite a while, so I went looking for an interesting song that might fit. I didn’t have time to make it for the MEP, but put this together about a month later.

The title was inspired by the scene of the shattered glass falling in front of Seishirou, which, for a second, looked like flower petals the first time I saw it.

Overall, a pretty simple video that I enjoyed making.

Contest Participation:
Ohayocon 2009 – Finalist
Tekkoshocon VII – Entrant

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